there are some moves, but people are more concerned about the fate of the issue or Lin. "CBS Sports" experts Ken - Berg has revealed that the rocket did not abandon the transaction Lin's action, but there is no substantial start. Currently, Lin's team intends to include the Philadelphia  new balance 580 uk  76ers, Milwaukee Bucks. 76 people have enough space to eat Lin's salary, but they want to give the Rockets a future first-round draft picks. Bucks Although Lin skills course very interested, but Jeremy Lin's actual salary of up to 15 million are not interested. When LeBron - James and Carmelo Anthony - two big-name free agent this summer, has attracted most of the attention of the free agent market

Houston Rockets - Chris Bosh out of a maximum salary contract. Miami and Houston, in the end which team is more suitable for Bosh? US "open-air sports bleachers," the senior author Josh - Martin  new balance 996 uk    wrote to express their views. Bosh on the reasons for the rocket, first of all, Bosh is a native of Texas; secondly, according to reports RealGM Rockets have the league's sixth young lineup, and is the youngest of this year's playoffs, a team Their average age is only 25.2 years old. In comparison