secondly, according to reports RealGM Rockets have the league's sixth young lineup, and is the youngest of this year's playoffs, a team Their average age is only 25.2 years old. In comparison, the Heat is the oldest team in the league, with an average age of 30.3 years old. This offseason, the Pacers may lose Lance - Stephenson, while the latter's departure would weaken the strength of the Pacers; Heat Bulls might give trouble, but the premise is  new balance 373 womens  Derek - Rose back to health, and they are able to In the summer, the introduction of an impact player, such as: Carmelo Anthony -. At this moment, the Heat "Big Three" are not sure whether to stay in Miami. It is reported that LeBron - James local time tomorrow, will hold a meeting with Heat president Pat Riley.

In addition, he also could those other teams interested in him meeting, such as: Knight, the sun, the Mavericks and the      new balance 999 uk   Lakers and so on. Last month, the Rockets Parsons decided not to execute the fourth-year contract option and let him become a restricted free agent this summer. According to Wal-God said, Rockets and Parsons has a full day of negotiations on a contract extension